BOWI Project: Technology Transfer Experiments come to an end

The “BOWI” project aims to establish a network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) based on the exchange of experiences and practices. Within the framework of the BOWI project, two sets of so-called Technology Transfer Experiments have taken place over the last three years. In the context of these experiments BOWI connects established and developing DIHs with SMEs and mid-caps that require support for concrete digitalisation solutions. By jointly supporting companies in these experiments, the established and the developing hub are able to exchange experiences, learn about each other’s governance, business model and competencies and explore opportunities for future collaboration. The corridor built through the DIH cooperation sets the base for the BOWI network.

The Technology Transfer Experiments from the last Open Call end on 15/03/23. During the experiments, the established and the developing hubs closely cooperate to assist companies with testing and implementation of specific solutions. Within the scope of the experiments, the BOWI project supported 60 digitalisation experiments and distributed € 4,8 M in funding. Experiment participants – SMEs and mid-caps and developing hubs that support the extended phase – have been selected during the open calls.

In the past year, the Digital Hub Logistics has supported the company ESTEN from Košice in Slovakia with its expertise. The software development company is working on a product that uses artificial intelligence to determine and monitor the progress of neurological diseases. Under the project title “Rehapiano – AI Powered Neurological Disease Progress and Recovery Monitoring” the company is looking for support in potentially entering the German healthcare market for prototype testing (market insights), as well as identification of partners for clinical tests and identification of strategic investors or partners in Germany.

Besides the development of their core market, ESTEN is now exploring opportunities to make rehabilitation more attractive by integrating Rehapiano into video games so that patients perceive the rehabilitation as a fun activity rather than an “annoying” exercise. ESTEN is therefore looking for contacts into the Gaming Industry and matchmaking with relevant partners or support organizations.

Through its well linked network, the Digital Hub Logistics was able to partner with the Institute for Digital Transformation in Healthcare (iDigit) from its ecosystem to rely on their expertise in the healthcare sector. Areas of support included market research on the usage of digital Devices of stroke patient population in Germany, market research on the stroke management ecosystem in Germany and sourcing of potential partners.

During a visit to Košice in January, we were able to test the product live on site and are curious to see how the development will continue on the German market.