Start-ins from all over Germany used new hub format to exchange information

Digital teams of traditional companies from all over Germany have now used the opportunity to take part in the first exchange of experiences for start-ins in Dortmund. The initiative for the first format of this kind was initiated by the Digital Hub Logistics: “More and more small and medium-sized companies are now turning to so-called start-ins for the digital transformation of their companies, which are developing new intelligent products and business models at high speed and with the same innovative spirit,” says Hub Manager Maria Beck. “There is a great need for an exchange at equal level between the digital teams of this new type. That’s why we created this format”.

A total of seven start-ins took part in the exchange of experiences. These included representatives of digital teams from the Hub, coming from the region, as well as from outside and here throughout Germany. The exchange of experiences was moderated by the Hub Managers Maria Beck and Christian Prasse as well as innovation coach Darja Kramer.


As an introduction to the discussion, the participants were able to explain their personal experiences. Subsequently, three topics were explored in greater depth on the basis of key questions. The agenda included brainstorming and a culture of innovation, leadership styles and error culture. The aspect of competition was also of great interest – both with regard to cooperation with competitors (“Coopetition”) and with departments in the parent company that may carry out similar projects such as Start-in. “This has shown that all start-ins face similar challenges,” says Hub Manager Christian Prasse. “In addition, there is still no experience of how to solve certain tasks and difficulties. Each participant presented their own individual approach. That was a good thing, because only then the others can learn from it.”

After the first meeting, the Hub immediately gave the go-ahead for further community building: the events are now to take place every six months at the request of the participants. They will also be open to other interested digital teams. A joint group in the LinkedIn social professional network was set up immediately.

By the way, the term “start-in” is a word created by the Digital Hub Logistics and refers to (legally) independent digital units that work on creative, intelligent business solutions physically separated from the rest of the company and outside of day-to-day business – often in special hubs.

Photos: Digital Hub Logistics