Community Project 

Hub project of the BG.evolution team

The 2-week hub project “Optimizing Coffee and Water Consumption” was launched after two new employees came in – Sven Grunwald and Dinesh Kumar Nandhakumaar. The goal was to generate added value for the hub while simultaneously strengthening the expanded team.

Start-in BG.evolution develops an innovative solution for an everyday problem in the Digital Hub

Thanks to the enlarged BEUMER Group team, our creative workspace now has an innovative coffee system. “We carried out this introductory project with the help of the agile project management method SCRUM and our Team Leader Christopher Kirsch,” Sven Grunwald reports. The team collected and discussed ideas, and subsequently worked out the system functionality. It measures the water and coffee inventory, autonomously generates a purchase requisition, and forecasts expected demand.

A machine learning algorithm optimizes our water and coffee consumption

The BG.evolution team optimized consumption with the help of a machine learning algorithm. “The system we developed remembers what is dispensed to each hub tenant, recognizes certain behaviors, and calculates the expected inventory,” Dinesh explains. Inventory management in the Digital Hub was optimized thanks to the start-in, and expansions are already planned for the future: Determining the inventory with scales for example, or visualizing withdrawals.

Innovations promote cooperation

The hub project not only brought the start-in closer together and optimized our internal processes, but provided the impetus for future projects and ideas as well. Thus work in the coworking space will continue to be innovative and exciting.