October 12, 2021
14:00 - 15:00

Meet the start-up finalists of the Digital Logistics Award 2021 in this interactive networking format!

You can meet these start-ups here:

BitCargo was founded in 2020 with the vision of becoming a European pioneer in the digital road transport industry by offering a sustainable and innovative e-CRM solution, based on intuitive document management and trusted data exchange. In 2018, emerged from a joint project between large German-based industrial companies and global logistics companies. The company’s vision is to structurally improve basic data exchange by connecting the numerous fragmented IT and data solutions in the logistics industry seamlessly.

Manyfolds GmbH: Founded in 2018, Manyfolds creates size-optimized shipping packaging via a web app, offers packaging data to participants in the logistic chain to optimize efficiency, and provides a compact machine for SME and retailers for local packaging production.

WAVES S.à r.l was founded in 2019 and operates at the crossroads where sustainability and cloud technology meet. Their mission is to make sustainability visible to managers and to enable circular economy. Among other things, they offer a sustainability management platform for carbon footprints.

Like many other events, this year’s award took place in digital format. This type of event offered few opportunities for networking – we would like to catch up on that here.

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