April 30, 2019
17:00 - 22:00

The MotionMiners are planning as a community event to visit this year’s Dortmund Beer Festival at Dortmund U together with all inhabitants of the Digital Hub. It is planned to start on Tuesday the 30.04. at 17 o’clock from the hub in the direction of Dortmunder U. While the Dortmund beer culture will be explored together, our start-ups and start-ups will discuss further projects and ideas in order to further advance digitization.
Here is a short description of the festival:

“From 30 April to 04 May, the 4th Festival of Dortmund Beer Culture will take place in the Bierstadt. Around the Dortmunder U you can experience the taste world of beer. There will be music and of course food to go with it!
With the enactment of the Purity Law on 23 April 1516, the Day of German Beer is traditionally celebrated every year. It is logical that this must be celebrated for the fourth time in a row at the Festival of Dortmund Beer Culture. With our delicious beers you can celebrate the 1st of May and enjoy it together with us.

We celebrate with a colourful variety of different beers in modern overseas containers. That means you can look forward to local beers, beers from different countries, craft beers and beer specialities. You can try your way through the list of traditional Pils, spicy Pale Ales and top-fermented Starkbier to expand your knowledge of liquid gold. The little or big secrets about the magic of the art of brewing won’t remain secret either.

Matching the tasty beers there is a selection of tasty street food for refreshment or the small hunger in between. What of course should not be missing is the music! It accompanies the enjoyment of your fun at the 4th Festival of Dortmund Beer Culture”.


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