Community Event – Hub On Ice

On 28 February 2019 the Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund headed to the Wischlingen ice rink with its tenants and partners. We organized a team relay based on the MotionMiners technology. Our laps were counted using beacons on the skating rink. The META & YOU, International Data Spaces Association, BG.EVOLUTION + Fraunhofer IML, and Digital Hub teams faced off in an exciting competition. MotionMiners analyzed the recorded data to select the winner, obtaining the following results:

1. BEUMER + Fraunhofer IML (54 laps)
2. Digital Hub (50 laps)
3. META (49 laps)
4. IDSA (32 laps)

Afterward, future project and cooperation ideas were discussed over curry sausage with French fries and beer. All in all, it was an exciting evening that furthered our community’s cohesion. Take a look at our YouTube channel for a glimpse of our event: