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The Digital Hub Logistics is a partner and home for start-ins and start-ups. Here you will find an overview of our members and participants.


Digital solutions for the
products of the BEUMER Group

BG.evolution is a start-in of the BEUMER Group. Our common goal: Implementing outstanding digital solutions for customers in short development cycles. We are a team of developers who constantly feel the urge to satisfy customer needs with the help of innovative solutions, thereby continuously expanding the digital product segment.

BG.evolution was founded in Dortmund on October 1st, 2017 in the course of the digital transformation of BEUMER Group to strengthen its research and development activities. Conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sorting, and distributing – the BEUMER Group develops and produces leading edge intralogistics systems for the world market. Outstanding know-how and a strong commitment to consistently develop themselves further set our employees apart. BG.evolution has the drive and volition to be the BEUMER Group’s digital sprint team. The BG.evolution team develops products under its own responsibility to complement the BEUMER Group’s existing product and system portfolio. Customer needs, the rapid growth of available technologies, and the innovative environment around the Digital.Hub Logistics in Dortmund serve as input for our activities. Our goal is to develop minimal viable products, which we validate in cooperation with pilot customers, and products with future viability related to the BEUMER Group’s existing portfolio.

  • Providers of innovative technologies
  • Experts for the realization of our strategy
  • Customers who are interested in new things
  • Cooperations with other companies with digital strategies
  • Value creation junkies to reinforce our team
  • We are agile and operate independently in a large enterprise
  • We are enthusiastic about new technologies
  • We are always solving new problems and continuously developing our skills
  • We are value creation junkies – benefits for the user are important to us

BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG
Team BG.evolution
Emil-Figge-Str. 76
44227 Dortmund • Germany
T +49 151 62454815

Digital Connection of Drinking Water Transfer Points

We are a family-owned down-to-earth company based in Attendorn, Germany, offering solutions for the supply of drinking water. We deal with the mobile supply of drinking water and connection to the house. Our digital unit is primarily concerned with the digital connection of the transfer points of drinking water at which BEULCO products are being used.

While BEULCO primarily develops, produces, and sells installation components for house connections of drinking water and products for mobile supply of drinking water, we develop and market physical components of the drinking water network under the brand iQ water solutions. These components are connected to smart IoT devices by microelectronic components. The central element is the iQ-Cloud, in which all relevant network data can flow together and be processed.

  • New ideas, different perspectives and intelligent additions for our products.
  • We are also looking for programmers to strengthen our team, who can support us with the implementation of our ideas.
  • Strong brand
  • Extensive know-how in water supply
  • Strong customer relationships
  • Future-oriented strategies


Emil-Figge-Str. 76

44227 Dortmund

Tel: +49 160 823 7415


www.iqwater.de / www.beulco.de


Efficient processes in production and logistics

MotionMiners GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML. With our Motion-Mining® technology, our start-up has developed a sensor and deep learning based method for the automatic analysis of manual working processes for Industry 4.0. The method reduces the required analysis effort, enlarges the data base, and uncovers optimization potential.
On the bottom line companies gain essential insights and approaches to optimizing their processes and working conditions (keyword: ergonomics). The anonymity of the employee is always assured.

The Motion-Mining® technology is based on sensors, beacons, and a deep learning algorithm developed in-house, which is able to generate process indicators (KPIs) regarding efficiency and ergonomics based on the raw data from the sensors and beacons. The Motion-Mining® technology is marketed in the form of various products and services. Consulting projects are currently offered in which the technology is used to answer concrete questions over a limited period of time. The portfolio is also being expanded at this time with a scalable product called Manual Process Intelligence (MPI). MPI is a hardware and software license combo that makes it possible for anyone to conduct process analyses with Motion-Mining® for the first time. It also enables customers to conduct process analyses independently at one or more locations as needed.

  • Customers for consulting projects
  • Customers for the MPI beta phase
  • Full-time software developers to expand our team
  • Research assistants in software development, marketing, and design
  • The first provider for automated process analysis
  • Full anonymization of employee data
  • No integration into company IT required
  • Simultaneous analysis of efficiency and ergonomics

MotionMiners GmbH
Emil-Figge-Straße 76 44227 Dortmund
T + 49 231 97 43 590
M + 49 176 23 57 6960

Blockchain and Smart Contract
Applications for Your Business

With LogCoin, LedgerEngineers offers a blockchain platform for the delivery of Crowdsourced Transport Services Providing (BPCTSP) for B2B, B2C, and C2C. LogCoin is a private network covering various logistics shipment applications, transaction management, and identity management.

The products and services include the “LogCoin Platform”, a blockchain-based Sharing-Economy-Platform for logistics. All players in a supply chain are supported in monitoring the execution of contracts. Business processes are automatically initiated and assets that can be balanced are accounted via the LogCoin token-network.

In addition, the team plans to offer software development as a service. The development portfolio includes Distributed-Ledger-Technology-Backend-Developments, Frontend-Developments (web applications, native applications, applications for operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, Linux) and the design of Smart Contracts.

For a holistic consulting approach, Consulting & Training will also be offered in the future. As a serious consulting partner for various DLT-based projects in (financial) supply chain management, the team helps to identify and evaluate suitable DLT application cases and develops products and services together with the customer.

  • Customer
  • Supporter
  • We offer digital transformation via blockchain technology
  • We offer “The Real World Crypto Asset for Logistics”

Digital Hub Logistics
Emil-Figge-Str. 76
44227 Dortmund, Germany

Digital solutions for 
(inter)national shipping

Wuunder Deutschland is a young company (2020) and offers a digital logistics platform for business customers who book and ship (inter)national parcels, pallets and/or (sea)containers. We offer a wide range of shipping service providers, competitive shipping rates, storage solutions and moreover a personal customer service.

The parent company is located in the Netherlands, was founded there in 2016 and is growing exponentially. Wuunder is expanding in Europe – 2018 Belgium, 2020 Germany, expected 2021 France, to be represented throughout Europe in 2024. We have chosen to co-work in the Digital Hub Logistics because we would like to get in touch with other start-ups in the digital and logistics sector.

  • Constructive information exchange in a broad sense
  • Contact to potential customers, business partners and colleagues
  • We attach great importance to an informal corporate culture
  • Values such as respect, confidence building and appreciation of each other and third parties, such as customers, are very important to our company

Wuunder Germany
Emil-Figge-Str. 76
44227 Dortmund, Germany

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The employees of the Digital.Hub Logistics Agency see themselves as Digital Transformation Guides: We support and promote developments, initiate processes, consult and support you in your activities, contribute the necessary know-how at the right time, and connect you with the right partners.

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Hub Manager | Senior Innovation Coach

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Marketing & Communication

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Marketing & Communication

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Project Management

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Network Management

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